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In most African schools, young girls are pretty certain and convinced that going home or staying at home rather than be at school is the best solution to their periods.

The Red Wings Project aims to tackles the following issues

  • Increase access to sanitary products to disadvantaged females
  • Create awareness around the lack of sanitation faced by a major portion of South African women
  • Collect and donate sanitary products to the disadvantaged, homeless and shelters
  • Eradicate the taboos of girls and women feeling humiliated when their on their menses
  • Call on policy makers to make women sanitary products available to the underprivileged
  • Consolidate all sanitary distribution efforts all across the country into a central in-sync mechanism that enables equal and fair distribution to all areas



What we have also come to become is a go to source for other individuals trying to start up their own divisions of sanitary towel collection and distribution. We seek to empower and in future be able to mobilise communities around poorer areas.

Our target audience are under privileged/poor girls and women aged 11-49 (menstruation age).


Our primary audience are girls who are still yet to or are ‘stepping into’ their puberty stages, preteens 11-17 year olds. At this age, we engage with them on:

  • What happens during their menstruation
  • What menstruation is
  • How to look after yourself during menstruation
  • Answering and facilitating questions around menstruation
  • Speaking to boys about menstruation, what it means and how to deal with unfortunate situations of soiling yourself
  • Speaking to each other about menstruation
  • Which products is best ie. tampons, pads, menstrual cups
  • Disposal of sanitary products

From the ages of 18 onwards, we develop a relationship with girls and assist areas such as Diepsloot and Klipfontein in Johannesburg with sanitary product every two months and we supply 6 schools in these areas with a monthly supply of pads.

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